Matcha & Wasanbon Experience

To fully enjoy an exceptional experience we offer our guests the chance
to participate hands-on in a Japanese tea ceremony and traditional sweet making session.

Whether this is your first-time or not, we will guide you graciously through this time honored custom.

Matcha Experience - Tea Ceremony

Watch how this traditional ceremony is performed from our experienced instructor, or join in yourself and learn firsthand.

Matcha Experience

Wasanbon Experience - Making of Japanese sugary sweets

Experience making this delicate Japanese sugar sweet, which dates back more than 200 years, through the traditional method of grounding the sugar into seasonal shapes and colors that truly highlight the taste of the tea. We provide careful instructions for this simple yet fun and popular complimentary course.

Wasanbon Experience

Experience Fee

Matcha & Wasanbon Experience ¥2,000
Matcha Experience ¥900
includes Japanese sweets
Tantoku Daily Lunch Special
+ Matcha & Wasanbon Experience
¥3,800 → ¥3,182
Tantoku Daily Lunch Special
+ Matcha Experience
¥2,400 → ¥2,000
  • The above prices are inclusive of entrance fee ¥300.
  • The above prices are exclusive of consumption taxes.
  • Elementary school children entrance is free of charge. Please deduct ¥300 from the above prices for children.
  • Matcha Experience takes about 30 minutes while Wasanbon Experience takes approximately 1 hour.
  • Reservations are required for both Matcha Experience and Wasanbon Experience.
  • Reservations for lunch are required and on a first-come-first-served basis limited to one group per day.
  • For other questions please check the FAQ page.
Matcha & Wasanbon Experience