Tantoku Garden Tantoku Garden Tantoku Garden Tantoku Garden Tantoku Garden Tantoku Garden

Traditional Japanese Garden With Over 150 Years Of History

Tantoku was established in 1869 (Meiji 2nd) as a lumber merchant in Kawagoe.
Its founder Tokujiro Suzuki proceeded to build his home over the sprawling gardens,
which have been meticulously maintained to this day and now opened to the general public.

Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, make Japanese sweets,
enjoy the local cuisine, or rent the whole home and gardens for your private use.

Come and enjoy all the differences the garden has to offer
during the uniquely diverse four seasons of Japan.

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Usage Guidance

Entrance Fee ¥330 (elementary students free)
Address 1-8-2 Rokkenmachi, Kawagoe, Saitama
  • All prices are tax included.
  • Elementary school children entrance is free of charge.
  • Gardens may be closed when previously rented for private use.
  • For other questions please check the FAQ page.

Meiji Era Time Piece

The private home built in 1901 (Meiji 34th) prizes an extremely rare and expensive solid black pillar crafted from a single tree-trunk by specialist workers more than 100 years ago.

Meiji Era Time Piece

Karesansui - Dry Landscaping

Dating back to the Muromachi Period from 1336 in Kyoto, and often referred to as a Zen garden, this technique creates a miniature landscape through carefully composed arrangements of rocks, water features, pruned trees and bushes, and uses raked gravel stones to represent the ripples in water. Designed to be enjoyed while seated from a single viewpoint outside the garden, this garden conjures the image of a treasure-laden ship of the period, as it reaches a coast made abundant by the waters of an overflowing well.


Jutoku Myojin - Garden Shrine

Built by the first generation Tokujiro on his return from Buddhist education in Kyoto, this shrine was officially blessed more than 120 years ago to act as an official temple of worship.

Jutoku Myojin


By Train
3 minutes walk from Kawagoe-shi Sta., Tobu Tojo Line
7 minutes walk from Hon-Kawagoe Sta., Seibu Shinjuku Line
By Car
Free parking lots are available on the premises,
so please come directly by car.