(Private Room Reservation only)

Enjoy a specially selected meal with family, friends, or that important business meeting
in Tantoku’s private room situated on the second floor overlooking our gardens.

Private room dining is limited to one reservation per day.

Tantoku Daily Lunch Special

Tantoku Daily Lunch Special
+ Matcha & Wasanbon Experience
¥3,800 → ¥3,182
Tantoku Daily Lunch Special
+ Matcha Experience
¥2,400 → ¥2,000
Tantoku Daily Lunch Special
AKANEYA / Japanese Lunch
Tantoku Daily Lunch Special
Benino / Intalian Lunch

Unagi - Eels

Unaju Nami - Grilled Eel on rice ¥4,100
Unaju Jo - Deluxe Grilled Eel on rice ¥4,750
Unaju Tokujo - Superior Grilled Eel on rice ¥6,000
Kabayaki Nami - Grilled Eel ¥3,850
Kabayaki Jo - Deluxe Grilled Eel ¥4,500
Kabayaki Tokujo - Superior Grilled Eel ¥5,700
Shirayaki - Plain Grilled Eel ¥4,600
Kimo-Sui - Clear Soup of Eel Liver ¥200

Sushi - Sushi

Tokusen ¥3,800
includes Japanese clear soup
Tsurukame ¥3,300
includes Japanese clear soup
Nigiri ¥2,800
includes Japanese clear soup
Chirashi ¥2,300
includes Japanese clear soup
Bento for Vegan ¥3,300
  • The above prices are inclusive of entry fee ¥300.
  • The above prices are exclusive of consumption taxes.
  • Elementary school children entrance is free of charge. Please deduct ¥300 from the above prices for children.
  • Reservations for lunch are required and on a first-come-first-served basis limited to one group per day.
  • A minimum 2-person reservation is required. Please reserve no later than 3 days prior to desired date. Any changes to final numbers must be made one day prior to reservation.
  • Please inform staff at the time of reserving of food allergies and/or dislikes.
  • During congested periods the serving of lunch may be delayed.
  • For other questions please check the FAQ page.
Tantoku Garden Lunch Menu Tantoku Garden Lunch Menu